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Special Features
Information for readers with disabilities

Unfortunately, physical access to the print media library fund can be problematic for people with disabilities. For this reason, we offer special terms on subscriptions and services in the reading rooms of the library, as well as alternative access to print media readers with disabilities. By using our site, you can visit the library's electronic catalog, with which to make reservations download literature and manuals, guides, abstracts of theses, articles and proceedings of conferences, issued on the territory of the Republic of Bashkortostan, the Old and rare books on the history of medicine from full-text databases Information from the comfort of home.

As an alternative to traditional printed fund BSMU library has its own subscription and electronic resources available in the reading room of information, as well as with any computer connected to the Internet via username and password. We can make it easier for you to access a range of electronic resources are accessible only from computers connected to the proxy server BSMU.

Services provided readers with disabilities in the information reading room.