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The Day of the Republic of Bashkortostan


On October 11 Republic of Bashkortostan celebrates its main holiday – the Republic Day.

We want to congratulate all compatriots and guests of the republic on this holiday.


We have compiled for you a selection of books on the majestic naturehistorical placesbuildings and rich history of Bashkortostan.




The Bashkir land. The land of legends.2015

The album is devoted to featuring the Iremel mountain massif, the Aghidel, Yuruzan and Dyoma rivers, the Bakty and Nary ranges and other precious stones of the Bashkir land treasury.



 Ufa. City history in photographs. Early 20th century.

 You will be able to get acquainted with the important architectural and historical points of Ufa through photographs dating from the beginning of the 20th century. You can compare modern Ufa and the city that Ufa residents looked at a century ago.



Pushkinskaya street

View from the intersection with Gubernatorskaya Street (now Sovetskaya Street) Pushkinskaya Street (now Pushkin Street) is one of the oldest in the city.
It was originally called Golubina or (Golubina Sloboda), then Pochtovaya.
On the left is the house of the Ufa millionaire P.A. Nagarev. In the house closest to us, where the music school-lyceum at the Ufa Institute of Arts is now,  were opened a restaurant and a school of cooks in 1909. In a small house on the corner with Central Street (Lenin Street) hotel and restaurant  lived the staff.



Ufa. 425 years.Photo postcards.1995.



Soviet square.

The territory on which Sovetskaya Square is located belonged to the Golubina Slobodka.

Here, between Telegrafnaya (Tsyurupa Street) and Gubernatorskaya (now Sovetskaya) streets, on the odd side there were five estates, the largest of which were the mansions of the merchant Artemiy Nagarev  (Nogarev's House).

Today the square houses the buildings of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ufa State Academy of Arts named after Zagir Ismagilov, the building of the Bashneft company with chimes and the Ufa Gymnasium № 3.



Ufa.Modern history.Photo postcards.2015




Ufa Institute of Eye Diseases

This building was once a hotel, but now it is Ufa Research Institute of Eye Diseases. It was built in the center of the old Ufa and was one of the most famous reputable hotels in the city. Architecturally the building was unusual. Now front gate and lattice parapet surrounding the hotel disappeared forever. But today there is also much to admire. The building was constructed according to asymmetrical plan that boggles the mind with decorations and the variety of architectural components.



Bashkortostan: Europe and Asia meet there.2009

This book is for readers, who know and love with heart and soul Bashkortostan, and for those, who want to get more information about our republic. Bashkortostan is golden heart of the Eurasian continent. Just look at the given unique photos, which reflect the magnificent sides of our land. Every picture shows that the republicis very rich with its nature and mineral resources and that the Bashkortostan people love their Motherland very much. Our land is unique by commonwealth of cultures, history unity, harmony and friendship between different ethnic groups, and by its location. It is situated right between Asia and Europe. Bashkortostan is like a magnet: visiting it one day you will be enchantes forever. Inquisitive readers will found a lot of interesting information about the republic. Material given in this edition will be very useful both for compatriots and guests of our lovely Bashkortostan. The book undoubtedly will be entered into the golden collection of every family.




The Old Ufa. Photo album. 2016

The format of this edition can be called a book, you can call it a photo album, but for the authors - compilers it is a photo exhibition. The book contains unique photographs from the personal archives of Ufa residents. From such personal moments of history, emerged a whole mosaic panel dedicated to Ufa.



 Mustai: an interview that never happened.2018

In this book Mustai Karim speaks for himself, answers all possible questions: prose, poetry, memories and reflections. The compilers allowed themselves to show only in a few photographs the space in which his soul lives.




Bashkortostan is my Father's House.2007

In this photo album you will find photos of national holidays, rich nature. To catch a live moment or unique beauty of a landscape and to render this splendor to public is a most important task pf a master of his craft. It is particular to such artists that the author of this album, Ramil Kilmamatov, belongs. In his penetrating works is felt ever-lasting love for his Motherland, its nature and people.