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Important message for BSMU students, faculty and staff

Dear readers, we look forward to see you at the library!

All rooms and library sections are open to you in compliance with security measures during

 We kindly request you to use:

       How to get books

How to get access to the electronic resources

We remind you that remote access to some of key Russian and foreign resources is constantly implemented for you. A complete list of resources is presented in the electronic library section.

How to return books to the library

           450008, Ufa, Pushkin 96/98 St., Scientific Library of BSMU, Sharafutdinova Albina Nailevna

Attach the completed return form in the bag (you can fill it handwritten).

After you sent it, send the email to library@bashgmu.ru , indicating the track number (in the receipt of the Russian Post - 14 digits), we will notify you of receiving.

Books received via mail will be quarantined for 14 days, after which we will process your return. By the e-mail indicated in the return form, you will receive either a letter confirming that, you do not owe anything to the library, or a letter that we will contact you, since we still have unresolved questions.

  1. Log in your personal reader account (authorization form at the bottom right)
  2. Enter: surname (in Russian with a capital letter), library card ID (in English in capital letters)
  3. and check the books you have got in the Reader Form

do not worry you can recover the loss without coming to the library according to the following instruction for replacing books

If you still have questions, we are always in touch: