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Scientific Cultural Relativism


On 12 April BSMU Library hosted the Students' readings "Scientific Cultural Relativism" organised by the International club Between the Cultures and Prof. T.B. Minasov, and supported by BSMU-Press Team.

At the meeting the participants spoke on different aspects of cultural, educational and scientific traditions and adaptation of international students in Russia. 

After welocming speech of  associate professor Sadykova Zilya Raisovna the participants of the meeting had online conference with Dr. Rajesh Tiwari, B.ed. M.A. MPhil. Ph.D.,Department Head of Sanskrit at Maharishi Vedic Vishwavidyalaya University, and discussed the topic "Sanskrit: the language of Universe". A great number of examples confirms that this old language may really be the ancestor of many European langugaes.

Professor Timur Bulatovich Minasov represented the investigation "Bone mineral density of Indian Students (veg/non veg)". The participants were highly interested in the report of the professor and uttered their own ideas and opinions on the results of it. Some of them agreed or disagreed.

Also the reporters presented fascinating topics on Food adaptation of Indian students in Russia, India and Traditional Medicine, Egyptian food traditions and Egyptian students'  adaptation in Ufa, and Influence of Physical activity for bones quality.

Scientific Cultural Relativism is very huge and fascinating topic to discuss, so follow our accounts to catch the new Students' readings and Conferences to share your ideas!

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